Image Distortion

When we don’t have control over an image’s aspect ratio on a web page, it’s better to think ahead and provide a solution when a user uploads an image that isn’t aligned with the aspect ratio.

In the following example, we have a card component with a photo. It looks good.

When the user uploads an image of a different size, it will be stretched. This isn’t good. Look at how the image is stretched!

The simplest fix for that is to use CSS object-fit.

.card__thumb {
object-fit: cover;

img {
object-fit: cover;

Examples and use cases

Image component

Learn more about object-fit in this article on Smashing Magazine.

Support Defensive CSS

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Ahmad Shadeed

Ahmad is a UX designer and front-end developer from Palestine. He enjoys working on challenging design and front-end development projects. He wrote a book on debugging CSS, writes extensively on CSS, Accessibility, and RTL (right to left) text styling.